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The Challenge for Startups & Small Business

We looked at the challenges facing startups and small businesses today when trying to manage their business finances.

Existing choices whether online or on a disc, are all difficult and slow to use, especially if you are new to accounting or invoicing.

What was needed was a simple yet functional system that would allow you to focus on what you do best: run your business!

In November 2008, we began creating a new type of system that would allow startups and small businesses of all types, to be up and running immediately, at little or no cost.

We began by sitting in a restaurant, and observing day to day operations for 2 days. We also ate loads of great food, and put on the odd ounce!

We then worked with designers, photographers, clubs, distribution companies, and many others to ensure that there was a great "fit" between what was needed and what we offered.

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Simple Yet Functional Invoicing and Accounting for small business!

accounting for small business

This resulted in challenging the existing assumptions of what was required from an invoicing or accounting system.

It also had the effect of immediately giving a more useful system, while removing the difficulty and frustration we all associate with traditional accounting systems.

We learned that online accounting systems were just as complex to use as desktop ones. They were just delivered differently.

After a year of beta testing and surverying users from over 70 countries, which began in 2009, we released our first premium editions in 2010.

You can achieve nearly everything in billfaster in 3 simple steps. From invoicing to recording expenses, or adding clients or items.

billfaster provides the fastest way to invoice your customers, manage cash and track your expenses.

It has been designed to provide all the functionality you would need to stay on top of your business, while removing the complexity and difficultly often associated with doing the books.

It does this by automating the accounting in the background, which means you can be up and running straight away and getting the key things done much more quickly.