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billfaster - accounting made easy!

  • accounting calculator
    • Accounting Simplified!
    • No accounting knowledge required. Business software to help you run your business - we take care of the accounting in the background.
  • mobile accounting
    • Online Accounting
    • Run your business from work, home or on the go. Access to your information at any time, anywhere and from any internet device.
  • online accounting software
    • Banking on us!
    • Easily reconcile money in and out of the business using your bank statements. billfaster's easy bank reconciliation means that you always know what's in your bank.
  • management accounting
    • Instant Information
    • Instant, up-to-date reports! You can search quickly and easily with the software filtering as you type.
    • Books are balanced!
    • The books are always balanced with billfaster's constant auto-checking features, making bookkeeping tasks easier.
    bookkeeping software
    • Cloud Accountant
    • Your accountant can now login to access your books (any time) instead of hours spent on travel or transferring data files.
    cloud accounting
    • Far less taxing!
    • No more fretting over tax! Built-in sales tax and simple tax reports show you all the 'sales tax charged on invoices' as well as tax reclaimable on purchases you've made.
    easy accounting software
    • Key to Financials
    • Profit & loss reports show money going in and out of the business. Balance Sheet reports show what your business is worth.
    financial reporting

billfaster - simple invoicing that gets you paid!

  • send invoices
    • Connect with Customers
    • Send professional invoices, sales estimates and orders by choosing from a number of custom templates.
  • quick invoicing
    • Bill Faster
    • Add Inventory Items to speed up invoicing while tracking goods & services sold.
  • recurring billing
    • Automatic Billing
    • Set up recurring invoices for your repeat customers. Clients are automatically billed every week, month or year .
  • financial reports
    • Income Monitor
    • Income is the lifeline of any business. See at a glance what you are owed by your customers - send statements and get paid faster.
    • Get Paid Instantly!
    • Add a secure PayPal payment link on your customer invoices and get paid by customers immediately and directly online.
    online payments
    • Simple Invoicing
    • Create invoices effortlessly in 3 simple steps to email or print!
    simple billing software
    • Go Mobile!
    • Create sales orders and invoices on your mobile - promote to an invoice in a single click!
    mobile accounting
    • Sales-in-the-bag
    • Sales Orders, Estimates, Customer Statements, Debtors Ageing (what you are owed) Reports , Sales Tax Reporting, etc...
    key performance indicators

billfaster - quick expense reporting to lower your tax bill!

  • online expenses
    • Expenses on the go!
    • Quickly add cash expenses on the go. Capture mileage and other business expenses as they happen.
  • reduce expenses
    • Reduce those expenses
    • Manage expenses by category and identify areas where you are spending more than you should.
  • pocket expenses
    • Don't be out of pocket!
    • Keep track of personal and business expenses easily and quickly.
  • recurring expenses
    • Automate bills
    • Setup recurring expenses for those routine overheads that occur regularly.
    • Shoo that receipt box!
    • Expenses made so easy! It's quicker to enter the expense on billfaster than shoebox that receipt!
    receipts shoebox
    • Track your expenses
    • Keep track of your expenses by day, week, month, or even quarter with in-depth expense reports.
    expense categories
    • Tax Deductible?
    • Remember: all legitimate business expenses are tax deductible!
    tax calculator
    • Timing is everything!
    • Know “what you owe” and what you are spending to manage your cash flow.
    key performance indicators

Why keep track of your business expenses?

Keeping track of all your business expenses will help reduce your tax liabilities!

What are tax deductible business expenses?

Business Expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business. These expenses are usually tax deductible if the business expense has a legitimate business purpose.

Why billfaster?

billfaster is the easiest accounting software for small business.

We make daily operations like invoicing, quoting customers, ordering supplies, tracking purchases, collecting debt, and financial management easier by providing you with simple user-friendly business software.

Our uncluttered screens means that you can enter data quickly and effortlessly. Use our financial reports to manage your cash flow and maintain a healthy compliant business.

We help you stay on top of your business!

online accounting software for small business